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For Architects, Designers, Artists

we guide you in growing and scaling your business to achieve a monthly profit of up to $100K. Through expert business coaching and enhancing your sales, marketing, operational skills, we help you leverage the latest technology, including AI tools, to elevate your success.


For architects. artists.designers

Join The Movement

For Architects, Designers, Artists

we guide you in growing and scaling your business to achieve a monthly profit of up to $100K. Through expert business coaching and enhancing your sales, marketing, operational skills, we help you leverage the latest technology, including AI tools, to elevate your success.

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Starting your architecture studio, an art atelier, or a studio can just be a little confusing and overwhelming at times, isn’t it?

If you’re just trying to figure out what works, you can feel frustrated. Online, there is a lot of false information. Also, you might not benefit the most from what works for someone else. That’s where I, as your business coach, step in to cut through the noise.

I’m here to help you sort through the muddle and give you the resources you need to live, work, and expand your company anywhere in the world, leveraging AI tech to ensure efficiency and innovation. After studying hundreds of architectural firms and artists’ businesses, you will learn under my guidance how to create a freedom-based business where you may spend your time pursuing your passions. You’ll discover how to draw in the correct clientele, boost sales with AI-driven strategies, and steadily develop a company that gives you financial freedom.

Live your best life now and start building a future where you’re not just surviving but thriving, with the right mix of human insight and artificial intelligence at your disposal.


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For architects. artists.designers


Accelerator for Solopreneurs
& Small Businesses


This program, guided by expert business coaching, is ideal for those who are just starting their businesses. It teaches you how to build your own brand, utilize social selling, and build an email list of interested prospects, all while leveraging AI tech to optimize your strategies and outcomes.

☑ Finding your sweet spot and assisting you in developing your brand and niche.

☑ Helping you build your website — Creating Websites, Landing pages, all by yourself. Be better than Expert.

Identifying your unique value proposition. 

Understanding your market and identifying customer needs.

☑ Understanding the whole business process as it works in international companies.

☑ Helping you to build your Lean operation.

☑ Building your digital marketing plan.

Utilizing social media as a business tool

☑ Sales scripts, templates, and operation and marketing tools to scale and grow.

Navigating market trends and opportunities

☑ Guaranteed results

☑ Fast & reliable service


Scalling for Meduim
& Enterprises

This is a scaling program designed by experienced business coaches to elevate your business to 6-figures and beyond with proven business formulas, regardless of your previous knowledge or experience. By leveraging AI tech and high-performance business development processes, we harness the power of thought leadership to significantly increase your brand’s reach and quality.

☑ All Accelerator Program.

Business principles — Frameworks, Proven methodes, businessmodels.

Advance Business disciplines — Strategy, product, marketing, sales.

Advanced Business processes — Tools, systems, workflows, metrics.

Product Development — Designing, delivering and improving differentiated products customers love.

Helping you build your website and FunnelCreating websites, landing pages and Funnels, all by yourself. Be better than experts, get it free!

Collaboration Ideas — Building Strategic Partnerships.

Creating a Culture map.

OperationHow to manage your entire machine, systemize, optimize for efficiency, leverage technology

☑ Scaling & Automation — How to scale from 5 customers to $50m /year at breakneck speed with systems/automation.


This includes all our scaling programs, where we leverage AI tech to streamline and enhance business development, a task often seen as daunting. We understand the complexities involved, which is why we don’t just offer our customers from architects, artists, and designers the option to outsource their work. Instead, as business coaches, we also provide coaching services to teach them how to effectively do it themselves. By integrating AI technology and personalized coaching, we empower our customers to take control of their business development, ensuring they have the tools and knowledge for long-term success.


Me, my partners and my team are leading business agency for architects, and designers, has helped more than 120+ architects and businesses use the right business development strategies branding and marketing to attract, find and connect with better clients & projects.


We Helped 120+ Architect & Designer
Wee have helped 120+ architect, designers or different projects to achive haigh vale success and If you are an indevidual or company owner or decision maker interested in increasing your company’s visibility in the marketplace, building your reputation as a “go-to” firm and expanding your reach to attract ideal clients and better projects, then this call is great It’s right for you! It’s right for you!
What type of Businesses or firms do you work with?

We primarily work with established, locally and internationally , Indevidual architects, interior designers, graphic designers, artist, and architecture companies firms that have been in business fress or for less than 15 years. We work with clients in Australia, Germany, UAE, KSA, Kuwait, the Russia . All of our clients share an interest in leveling improving up their firms business by using strategic business development, branding and marketikng to create a more consistent flow stream of high-value quality projects.

What you can expect from our call?
During the call you have booked or you will book with us, we will review the answers you provided on your application and discuss what is currently working for your company and what is not. Depending on your situation, we’ll direct you to some helpful resources or explain how we can help.
Do you need to prepare anything before the call?

No, you don’t need to prepare anything to call us. However, to get the maximum benefit from this call for applications, please complete the application questions while your are booking the call as completely as possible. The more information you provide, the better we can prepare for the call and ensure you get the most out of your meeting.

Generated $20'236'115+ cash For our Clients since
We get entrepreneurs architects and designers a laser-focused on the simple actions that create big reactions in order to be able to Generate high stable income. You’ll find our students adding value, optimizing systems and doing work, not talking on social media.
We guarantee results

We do not provide you with any certificates, degrees, certificates, badges or awards of attendance. We bring you real business results: customers, growth, profits, self-improvement and success.

We have 4.9 stars out of 120 customer reviews 36% of comments contained the wordlove


Kamel is a highly talented architect, who has been developing is skills to international standards. Since meeting him in 2005, I recognized his design and technical talent and love for architecture. I have followed his journey since then and I have been highly impressed by his progress and maturity as an accomplished young design architect. Given the right opportunity I expect him to make an incrdelible mark on the world of architecture.

Shaheer Gobran

Founder & Director , Architecture & Urban Design Atelier, Australia

Our team just completed Kamel’s workshop on and Kamel and his team exceeded our expectations. It was informative, engaging and our entire team found the sessions to have great insight and value.

Marwa Ali

Founer & Director, Orchidart

Kamel is very effective and efficient. I had the opportunity to work with Kamel on several projects. On each project, Kamel worked in an organized and professional way and he put in the extra effort to deliver on tight time schedules when needed. No matter the situation, Kamel has the perspective to get through it with a smile. Kamel is a great colleague and would be a great asset to your team.

Gabriel Johnson

Senior Manager


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